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Is one week enough time for doing Umrah?


The lesser pilgrimage or Umrah is a holy act of worship that brings several benefits and uncountable rewards and blessings to its performer. The Umrah performed with true intentions and only for sake of Allah Almighty is one of the best acts of Ibadah. Umrah is non-mandatory obligation but it has high rewards and blessings. Unlike Hajj, the minor pilgrimage can be performed any time in the year except the annual pilgrimage days. Umrah is a ritual that is a circulation around the Holy Kabah for seven times. To know the complete step by step procedure of Umrah packages Birminghm check out our site “Travel for Umrah”.

Millions of Muslims from all across the globe come to perform this sacred religious duty. Umrah is Sunnah of our beloved Prophet PBUH and He SAWW recommends Muslims to perform it. Those who are planning to perform Umrah for the first time may want to know the actual duration of Umrah. The minimal days package you opt is based on 7 days on which 4 days stay in Makkah and remaining 3 days at Madinah. But it is the wrong notion that visiting Madinah is part of Umrah. That is not correct! The minimal time you required for Umrah performance is 3 to 6 hours depending on different days. You can perform the holy ibadah in 1 day but you didn’t get Umrah package for 1 day. You will get one week or seven days to stay on holy land while being the guest of Supreme Creator of the Universe.

Factors Effecting Umrah Duration:

Though Umrah can be performed in few hours but sometimes it takes longer than estimated time. It is mainly because of different factors affecting the time. Some of these key factors include:

  • Knowledge: Your knowledge and preparation about Islam and Umrah rituals play important role in how much time you need to complete your Umrah. Our new friends who recently convert to the true faith in whole world needs more time to understand the rituals and the correct way they performed. We saw many new converts asking about directions and supplications they can make at different points. They have duas written and how to move forward but still it takes time. The sacred journey of Umrah rituals doesn’t begin when you enter the House of Allah instead it starts with your intentions. Pilgrims must need to understand how Umrah works and how they have to maintain its teachings even after the completion of beautiful Sunnah.
  • Time of the Day: The time of the day, you are performing Umrah also matters at lot. During rush hours it takes more time than usual because of the crowd. It is recommended to perform Umrah during early hours of the day because there are fewer crowds at that time but it needs effort to wake up early. Even the late hours works well.
  • Before or After Hajj: If you’re going to perform Umrah before Hajj, be ready to see the massive crowd. Similarly right after Hajj there is lots of crowd as Hajjis still leaving the country. The best time to perform Umrah is after the Hajj when pilgrims leave the country. At that time there were only few people and you can easily perform Umrah within few hours.
  • Accompany of Family Members: For healthy male individual, performance of Umrah is matter of 3 to 4 hours but if you’re performing Umrah with family it can takes a longer time. Accompany of young kids or a family member with wheelchair will increase the time. Carrying the pilgrim with wheelchair takes way longer time due to the rush and the slow pace.

The major ritual of is the performance of Tawaf. Pilgrim needs to circulate around the Holy Kabah for seven times. The time takes for the completion of first Tawaf usually should not take more than 45 minutes. Again this depends on your health condition and other circumstances with you. The closer to the Kabah the early you complete it but those who are in outer skirts; it will take more time since the radius increases. Tawaf is shorter if you’re close but the Tawaf will be longer but easier when you’re further off.

As I mention above you’ll get minimum of 7 days Umrah package but your 1 Umrah takes just one day for completion. So what will you do for the remaining time? Whoever goes to perform Umrah not just perform 1 Umrah, instead you can perform multiple Umrahs in same trip. This is allowed and there is no restriction on how many Umrah you perform unless you complete all the rituals. The first Umrah you perform should be your own and then you can do for your family, deceased and love ones. Keep in mind that this excludes travel time from your country to reaching Saudi Arabia.

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